Our Legacy

The story of Karachi Sweet Mart begins in Karachi, Sindh, Undivided India. Kimatrai Athwani and his brothers ran a humble sweet shop there. When partition struck, they were faced with the choice of staying back to become a part of Pakistan or leave behind their home, business and everything they owned and migrate to a city within India.
After careful consideration, the entire family decided to move to Pune and began their journey to reach there never to look behind again.
After arriving in Pune, they lived in a refugee camp for a few months and meanwhile restarted their business. The family members were enterprising and skilled in sweet making.
They set up a small shop in Pune Camp and would sell their homemade delicacies from there. Over the years they became renowned for making delicious, hygienic sweets and namkeens. They took great pride in their recipes and never compromised on quality and taste. Such was their dedication to the business that they eventually set up several more shops and gained the love of customers not only in Pune but also in others parts of India and all over the world.
Today the business is managed by the second and third generation of family members with an increasing focus on changing consumer tastes and health concerns. It is our constant endeavour to embrace modern technologies, new age packaging solutions while extending our reach through e-commerce and neighbourhood stores so that customers can continue to enjoy and experience the brand of Karachi Sweet Mart.